Why Spectrus

Mass Spec Expertise and Instrumentation on Demand

Spectrus accelerates discovery and advances research by providing exceptional knowledge and expertise along with cutting-edge mass spectrometry instrumentation and data analysis technology.

We Make Expertise Accessible

Spectrus is led by scientists with over 30 years of combined experience in the highly specialized field of mass spectrometry and ‘omics research. Our lead scientists are highly available to every client from Day 1, spearheading initial discovery and answering questions throughout the project.

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We Design Methods for Useful Outcomes

The greatest value we bring to our clients is our consultation and advice regarding method design. Determining the appropriate approach from the start ensures that our clients arrive at a useful outcome without wasting time, money, and other resources. Worth your while.

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We Make Data Meaningful

Mass spec data results are often complex. And this data is only as useful as our ability to correctly analyze, interpret, and understand it. We ensure that the data and reporting we provide is accurate & presented in a way that makes it easy and practical to use in projects. We help clients make data-driven decisions faster based on a full understanding of our findings.

We Work with Your Budget and Schedule

Time and cost pressures are the norm in biotech. We respect the constraints you face in achieving successful project outcomes and design our services to be compatible with your needs.


Our project pricing is competitive, providing your team with access to the best expertise and instrumentation at cost-effective price. The value we provide ensures you spend your CRO budget on services that provide measurable value in achieving R&D objectives.


Our efficient turnaround time for sample processing helps researchers arrive at answers faster and keeps projects moving forward on schedule. We communicate promptly and our team of top scientists provides timely responses to your questions.

Bring Our Resources to Your Team

We are excited to be at the forefront of innovation with our clients. Talk with our lead scientists to learn how we can become your CRO partner.