Who We Are

Your CRO Partner for Biotech and Pharma Innovation​

Spectrus is a bioanalytical chemistry service provider supporting the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. We specialize in the characterization of complex molecules by mass spectrometry. Our team provides expert project consulting, method design, rapid sample processing, and data analysis to clients in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Meet Our Founders

Enrique Arevalo

Enrique is cofounder and chief scientific officer at Spectrus. He serves our customers through meticulous attention to the scientific questions at hand. Enrique applies his deep knowledge in protein chemistry and biochemical analysis to aid project design and deliver data to inform decision making.

“What I enjoy most is the opportunity to think deeply on customers’ scientific questions that seek answers from rigorous, well-planned experiments. I treat each project like an expedition and don’t stop until a conclusion is reached. I hope the bioanalytical research we do at Spectrus may one day contribute to fight against infectious diseases that affect many indigenous people in South America and worldwide.”

Enrique Arevalo Spectrus

After completing his doctorate studying GPCRs at the City University of New York, Enrique pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in protein chemistry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. This experience solidified his knowledge in biochemistry and pharmacology that is invaluable to the projects he is involved in today. Enrique followed up with 2 years at the Barnett Institute where he developed his expertise in chromatography and mass spectrometry. As leader of the Mass Spectrometry Group at Momenta Pharmaceuticals for 10 years, Enrique applied his skills to characterize complex biomolecules as well as biotherapeutics. Enrique launched Spectrus to address the biotech market’s pressing need for easy access to high resolution mass spectrometry analyses of biomolecules.

Michael Ziebell

Michael is cofounder and president of Spectrus. He serves clients by engaging with scientists from the beginning to end of each project to understand and deliver the key data required to address any knowledge gaps. He provides project planning, data analysis and report generation–accomplishing each step with the attention to detail our clients expect.

“I gain satisfaction from solving clients’ problems both as scientist and engineer and participating in the transfer of knowledge from Spectrus to our clients. It’s exciting to see the transformation of projects resulting from data quality measures, process improvements, and insights gained. In my free time, I enjoy boating on the open ocean–an activity in which knowledge and experience work together to ensure a safe voyage.”

Michael Ziebell Spectrus

Michael graduated with a doctorate in Biophysics from Stony Brook University. He completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School where he studied neuronal receptor-drug interactions. This background in pharmacology and protein chemistry paved the way for a career in analytical chemistry supporting early-stage drug discovery projects. After serving as bench scientist for 11 years in biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Michael turned his attention to evaluating how scientists work and providing technical tools to accelerate the discovery process. Spectrus bases its client relationships and service model on understanding what scientists need and how to help them achieve their project goals.

How Can We Partner with You?

We apply our years of expertise to ensuring every client receives accurate, actionable data to support successful project outcomes. Our lead scientists are ready to hear about your project.