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Protein Profiling

This service provides comparative proteomic analyses from different specimens. The service can included in-depth analysis that includes fractionation to increase coverage as well as well extended chromatography to increase peak load.

Selection/enrichment using tethered ligands

Spectrus can perform pull down assays using ligands on beads, columns, or captured after the fact.

Peptide cellular uptake studies using labeled or unlabeled substrates

Known to many to be the next frontier of drug discovery -- we'll help you determine whether your peptide drugs are making it into cells. Think of this as an orthogonal approach to microscopy that requires no labeling.

Antibody-drug conjugate loading ratios

Just like PTM analysis -- the degree of modification by covalent attachment of organic compounds can be determined using the techniques we employ. We are particularly good at telling you what fraction of the complex is intact after chromatography.

'Omics Screening services

One mass spec raw file may hold the key to your next discovery -- let our data analysts do the digging using powerful algorithms designed to look for signatures that would otherwise be missed. Ask us about this.

Small molecule or peptide screening using 2D chromatography

Our chromatography gurus will take on your most challenging in-line separations requirements. We take advantage of the data-rich nature of mass spectrometry to screen libraries of ligands for non-covalent association with your target of interest. Just give us the purified target and the list of ligands.

Metabolite ratio determination

The heart of metabolomics is understanding the relative production of downstream metabolites upon cellular treatment. We deliver this using soft ionization approaches that hold the organic compounds intact

Lipid profiling

Mass spec is not just for proteins - we have in-house hardware and procedures for the analysis of lipids where non-conventional separation methods permit isolation and characterization of lipid species based on standards

Biomarker discovery and validation

We can support your preclinical biomarker discovery programs through full suite experimental design, data capture and analysis.

Analysis of glycopeptides and determination of the site glycosylation

Through sequencing we will describe the site of linkage as well as the nature of the carbohydrates attached

Acetylation, methylation, Ubiquitination of nuclear proteins

Epigenetics R Us! Give us your cells, we'll isolate nuclear transcription factors and define the modifications that are central to postranslational controls of cellular activity

Glycosylation profiling

Our 16 years of experience will come to bear on describing the types and branching of attached carbohydrates on a single or many targets

Phosporlyation site identification

A gold standard for measuring modulation of signaling cascades, we can determine the sites and degree of phosphorylation of cytosolic proteins.

Tandem Mass Tag Labeling

TMT™, iTRAQ™ or for that matter any of the tag labeling techniques reduces the data acquistion time and minimizes the variability in quantitation because of LCMS conditions. Spectrus has the expertise for the sample treatment, data acquisition and data analysis.

Targeted Proteomics by Parallel-Reaction Monitoring (PRM)

If you are interested in certain target proteins, an LCMS method that filters peptide surrogates for the desired proteins; PRM is the method of choice. Not only can PRM methods identify the surrogate peptide with a high degree of confidence, but also allows accurate measurements of peptide abundance.

Stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC)

The most robust comparison of biological treatment can be achieved from SILAC samples. Since sample preparation of the different conditions is carried out as a mixture, the LCMS results are true representation of the biological differences among samples. Spectrus is equiped with the software and technology to carry out this kind of experiments.

Label-free quantition

Comparison of samples from different conditions can be achieved based on reproducible chromatography and careful sample preparation in order to represent the true biological differences among samples.

Intact Mass Measurement

Intact mass or middle mass provide complementary information to the classical bottom up approach to characterize biological molecules.

Biotherapeutics characterization

With purified preparations we will leave no stone unturned -- literally! Imagine a data set with every background-subtracted peak identified.

Quality control of therapeutic protein production lots

In the biosimilars or antibody validation business? Look at our rich background in deriving qualitative and quantitative measures of diversity in your protein or antibody purifications.

Peptide Mapping

Protein sequencing based on LCMS. Using different types of proteases to reach almost 100% sequence coverage. This service will also identify post-translational modifications or potential mutations in the target protein

Protein Target Identification

Identification and quantification of protein targets based on label free or isotopically labeled peptides that are unique to the objective protein.  See our application note that discusses this approach: AppNote1

Technology Development

Engage us to test and qualify your new diagnostic or therapeutic device.  We have experience developing proof-of-concepts in the areas of plate-based diagnostics, immune cell activation and bioanalytical devices

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