Our Process

Spectrus takes pride in providing early stage project consultation, top notch sample processing and critical, statistically relevant analyses that allows you to make the best use of the information we provide you.

Unlike external service providers you may have worked with, Spectrus scientists engage with clients at each stage in a project’s lifecycle. In particular we find that engaging early and often in the planning stage yields superior results that have greater value to customers.

When you meet with us, an early question to you inevitably is “What are you trying to find out?” This as opposed to “What samples do you want us to analyze?” Chances are we might have a suggestion or two based on our years of experience on the best way to reach your goal. Once we achieve an understanding of your requirements, Spectrus generates a Statement of Work for your review. You sign — and we get to work preparing and interrogating your samples on our suite of instruments.

We have a dedicated team of analysts with years of experience in analyzing mass spec data, one of whom will take charge of analyzing your data. Here is where we think our expertise makes a difference to you;  we prosecute each data set with a rigorous time-tested protocol that allows us to identify for you bonafide meaningful features in your data sets while not getting distracted by noise.

Step 1

Meet &

Discuss Objectives

Step 2

Create Plan,

Obtain Samples

Step 3

Perform Analytical


Step 4

Analyze Raw Data &

Put Into Larger Context

Step 5

Present to YOU,

Our Customer

Let’s Collaborate

Spectrus provides you with mass spectrometry data essential to drive your discovery engine!

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