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Spectrus provides you with mass spectrometry data essential to drive your discovery engine!

Spectrus as Partner

As your proteomics provider, Spectrus will serve as your partner in projects from inception to completion.  We understand that accepting responsibility for producing experimental data means taking ownership of both process and outcome.  Spectrus wants to ensure that findings based on our work can be understood in the context of other experimental results and lead to correct conclusions.  

We treat each project we tackle as a unique challenge.  Our scientists and consultants engage deeply into the questions at hand and discuss with you the path forward.  Spectrus believes this custom approach is the only way to generate proteomics data that will benefit a research project.

Leverage Our Experience

Breakthrough discoveries depend on effort, chance and experience. Let us bring our background to bear on your particular need and design the experiment in a way that get conclusive results.  Starting with our CSO Enrique, our scientists have spent their careers delving deeply into the technology and data connected to mass spectrometry.  Collectively we have the knowledge to prosecute all types of MS experiments  that range from label free shotgun proteomics to TMT labeling omics. We have experience in the area of glycomics and metabolites ID.  Check out our Capabilities link on this site.

Moreover, the years of work in this field lend the ability to interpret data sets using advanced statistical analyses that render unbiased results with the opportunity to discover the unexpected.  Spectrus accepts the responsibility of relating mass spectrometry data sets to orthogonal research in your discovery effort.  This includes cross referencing biomarker patterns to gene sequencing data.

Let us work together to add the context needed for making decisions in your discovery projects!

Our Labs – Your Data

Spectrus is a data-driven company.  Like you, we get excited about biochemical experiments, and we love producing the best mass spectrometry data.  Whatever outputs we generate for your project including raw data, intermediate files and statistical analyses remain under your control.  Our cloud servers provide access to data files via API so that you download data directly and if needed feed data into your analytical software.

We’re ready for collaboration at every step of the way!

Ready to Create?

Now’s the time. Our initial consultation is both no cost and no obligation. You have nothing to lose.

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