Why Spectrus

Mass Spec Expertise and Instrumentation on Demand


  • Competitive project pricing.
  • Expertise and instrumentation at a cost-effective price.

  • Services that provide measurable value in achieving R&D objectives.


  • Efficient turnaround time for sample processing.
  • Timelines provided to keep projects on track. 
  • Assistance in making faster data-driven decisions.

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  • Communication with clients, from start to end of projects and beyond.
  • Clear interpretation of mass spec techniques and data, as it is often complex.
  • Presentation of data for easy and practical application.
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Scientific Exploration


The importance of mass spectrometry as a scientific approach to unlock new areas of knowledge.


Discoveries should be data-driven  so that conclusions are empirically derived.


We push the limits of technology and are open to innovation and exploration as the path to discovery.


We apply scientific rigor and excellence, persevering and continuing with inquiry until we arrive at answers.

Operational Excellence


We believe in accountability and standing behind our work.


We gladly accept constructive criticism and continuous improvement.

Clients needs

We are responsive, flexible, and resourceful to serve the changing needs of our clients.


 Automation, efficiency, and proper time management enable us to meet customer’s timeline.

Collaborative Effort

Our Team

We value the skill, knowledge, and curiosity our employees bring to the discovery process.


We implement a team approach to problem solving, respecting the differences in outlook that come from diverse perspectives.


Our customers’ goals are of the utmost importance and worthy of our full commitment.

Vibrant world

We believe in being good custodians of the earth and its resources to create a healthy, vibrant world.