Accelerating Discovery Through Mass Spectrometry

Spectrus is a Massachusetts based CRO specializing in Mass Spectrometry that gives companies access to deep expertise in method design, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and rigorous data analysis.

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What We Offer

Spectrus provides comprehensive solutions for ‘omics and biomolecule characterization using mass spectrometry.

Brandon Spectrus


Spectrus is led by scientists with 30+ years of combined experience in mass spec and ‘omics research.



Project Consulting • Method Design • Analytical Chemistry • Sample Processing • Data Analysis • Reporting



Our clients make accurate, data-driven decisions faster without wasting time, money, and other resources.

Advance Your Research with Spectrus

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Lead Scientists

Direct collaboration with lead scientists to design the appropriate method


Responsive communication throughout each project

Cost Efficiency

Accurate, cost-effective sample processing with rapid turnaround times

Clear Results

Clear and useful interpretation of the results to support data-driven decisions

Our Clients Are Creating a Better World

We partner with biotech firms doing important work to design innovative health solutions and breakthrough medical treatments that improve quality of life.

Amazing customer experience all the way through! I've had some bad experiences in the past but this was just great!
Johan Andersson
Great service! I was treated in a serious and professional way despite asking a thousand questions. Superb!
Hannah Andersson
High quality and friendly encountaring from start to finish. Recommended to everyone who values real quality!
Fredrik Oliver

Partner with Spectrus for your project (510) 827-1478. Learn more about our approach here.


Science Is in Our DNA

Mass spectrometry is empowering the scientific community to explore questions from new angles. Spectrus keeps you up to date on the most recent advances and research in this exciting field.

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Accessible | Affordable | Accurate

With Spectrus’ competitive project pricing, even emerging biotech firms can afford access to top scientists and the best instrumentation for experimentation. 

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